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A retiree's instrument inexplicably goes mute in the days leading up to a long-awaited performance.

Short - EN - 13 min - 2019

Music Video for THE OPPOSITES.
Anime by the wonderful SHOTA YAMAMOTO

Music Video - EN - 4min - 2020

A boy caught in the web of his parent's divorce, meets a young girl who takes an interest in his silent struggle.

Short - CH/DE & FR - 29 min - 2015

A man discovers the most beautiful thing
in a back alley in New York City.

Short - Silent - 4min - 2014

With all his energy, Paul tries to take care of his wife at home. But the inevitability of her decline and the toll it's already taken, another solution must be considered.

Short - CH/DE - 25 min - 2011

A short in a short in a short

Short - EN - 10 min - 2013



Two brothers separated when their parents divorced,
meet again under very unlucky circumstance.

Short - DE - 8 min - 2010 

Two stranger's late night encounter at a laundromat.

Short - DE - 14 min - 2010 

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